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2017’s Pantone Colour of the Year is the rather gorgeous Greenery, a serene spring shoots shade that couldn’t be easier to incorporate in your room schemes. It’s a colour which shouts out about new beginnings, fresh starts and revitalisation – and best of all, it goes brilliantly with last year’s dominant trends of copper, marble and concrete, so no matter how dedicated an interiorista you are, you don’t need to throw all your furniture away and start again.

In fact, whether it’s a lush pot plant, a cheeky splash of colour from a – what else – Pantone mug or just a vase of flowers with plenty of foliage, you’re sure to work a bit of Greenery into your home this year. We loved some of the products that Paula of The LDN Diaries picked to reflect the new colour:


In fact, we want Greenery in our homes so much that we’ve scoured the shops to curate our own favourites, from wall tiles at 32p each to a spectacular cactus plant display unit that will set you back a little bit more:



Clockwise from the left:

  1. Stunning lime metro tiles 
  2. Prickly but perfect 
  3. For a big bunch of Greenery
  4. A clear case of herb envy
  5. Sowing the seeds for 2017


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