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Family Travel Round-up: Six of The Best Inspirational Travel Blogs

Space in Your Case was created by four well known British parent bloggers who joined forces in November 2014. Alison Perry, Helen Wills, Penny Alexander and Katie Ellison pooled their experience from their years of travelling with kids, plus their combined knowledge of the digital world, to launch an exciting new travel website for families.

When we want to book a holiday we always turn to other families for advice, we want to know how kids the same age as ours fared: Did they like the food? Was the bedroom set up conducive to anyone getting any sleep? Was it worth the money? Was it really an experience they will never forget? Other times, you just want someone to remind you how to have a break without kids again. That’s why we set up Space in Your Case, and here are six posts that have inspired us recently.

The family travel blog post that sent Penny packing

Monika’s post on Family Madventures, about her road trip in the breathtaking Scottish Highlands, made Penny want to pack her family in a camper and drive off into the sunset. So much so that Penny has started planning that trip already. Isn’t it amazing to think a blog post, rather than being the end, can be the start of someone else’s adventure?

The family travel blog that helps Alison seek out the quirky

Alison’s imagination was captured by this post by Monica over at The Travel Hack, who shares the quirkiest places she has stayed in, including a bamboo hut and a Welsh treehouse. This got us all thinking, what’s the most unusual place you have ever stayed in?

The family travel blog that builds Helen’s bucket list

Helen was inspired by a quest for family adventure, and picked out this post from Emma at Bavarian Sojourn, since she read it she hasn’t been able to get the idea of staying in an ‘iglu’ out of her head. From the individual carvings on the iglus to a fondue feast overlooking the mountains, from a deckchair in the snow, this would be a family adventure you would never forget.

The family travel post that caught Katie’s eye

Photo loving Katie’s eye was drawn to a post by Lori from Wild and Grizzly, who paints a pretty picture of her stay in a boutique hotel Palma in delicious images and words, pop over, but be warned, it makes you want to step right into the frame.

The family travel blog that had Penny calling the babysitter

Sometimes parents need a break without their offspring, to remember what travel was like without small people. Liz from Me and My Shadow has had a couple of gorgeous trips recently, sans enfant, to Paris, and to an Eco Hotel in Milan. Her pictures are gorgeous and the imaginative places she finds are an inspiration to busy parents with limited time to plan a getaway.

The family travel blog that took Alison to three cities

Fritha from TigerLillyQuinn ticked off three cities in one trip, Amsterdam, Paris and London, after winning the ‘Tale of 3 Cities’ competition with Accor Hotels. The posts are gorgeous, and made extra poignant as Fritha also discovered she was expecting her second child on this trip.  The adventure starts in London, but there is a lovely video of the whole trip in the Amsterdam post, so do read through.

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