Claire Partridge is a 30 something, Glasgow-based blogger known as What Claire Did, writing about food, travel and cooking creations from her home in Scotland. Her hobbies include getting on planes as often as her holiday allowance will allow for and eating her way around the world.

Coming from a small village in the east of Scotland, travel was never really a big thing. Yes, people went on their holidays to Spain, to Florida and the odd visit to the Lake District if parents really wanted to torture their teenagers, but that was really the extent of it.

In her latest post for Trips 100, Claire shares her top 5 foodie spots from around the world, after reaching adulthood and discovering the joys of stepping on planes to countries unknown …

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Street Vendor Pad Thai, Bangkok

Don’t be afraid in Bangkok, dig straight in and visit the street vendors for the best food in the city. The main road in Chinatown is awash with traders in the evening and whilst there’s no air conditioning, the city’s best traditional Thai food at Thai prices is sold here. Pad Thai and spring rolls, cooked to order on a gas stove for two people comes to a little more than £5. Relish in sitting at a makeshift table, made from an upturned drinks crate, at the roadside.

Pre-Game Poutine, Toronto

When ice hockey season starts, there’s only one place to be pre-game and that’s at the city’s biggest sports bars, to mingle with the crowd, have a Molson Canadian and get stuck in to a big bowl of poutine. Although the UK has attempted to adopt poutine as a street food custom, there’s nothing like the real Canadian deal – chips, beef gravy and squeaky cheese curds.  For those feeling daring, there’s a range of toppings to add on including crispy chicken and Franks Wing Sauce.

Chimney Cake to Go, Prague

What’s not to love about a funnel shaped pastry, coated in sugar and cinnamon, served hot and filled with whipped ice cream?  Found all over the city, these traditionally made pastry treats are a brilliant energy booster after a day walking the old town and most shops offer a selection of fillings and toppings in addition to the basic cake.

The Best Dumplings at Mr Shi’s, Beijing

It might not look much from the outside but the talent inside is unbelievable. Tucked down a tiny hutong in Beijing, Mr Shi and his talented team of dumpling makers knock out these parcels of love fresh to order. Go hungry, order plenty and be prepared to spend very little. Full bellies again for less than £5 (thank you Asia).

Danish Smorrebrod in Copenhagen

The complete opposite to £5 dinners, open sandwich art awaits visitors to Copenhagen at Aamanns Deli. This could be the most expensive sandwich of anyone’s life, but it’s served in a very hip, clean, white, Scandi environment, on a white plate, to show off the explosion of colour on the plate. Visitors should go early or book to guarantee a seat as there’s not many tables.